Welcome to Twisted Sick Custom Drum Works

All kits or single drums will be one of a kind and uniquely customized for you - we never copy our work and resell it.

We customize our drum kits with kicks up to 40" large. All of our shells are Keller Maple and custom airbrushed or lacquer finishes (And we Do Wraps).

However, if you are interested in a wrapped custom kit take a look at our friends list. We'll gladly refer you to some great quality builders we know who specialize in wrapped type builds.

All drums come with die cast hoops, Trick Throw off's, Custom lugs, and claws standard.

The hardware "Kipp" chose for the drums are Twisted Sick Drum Custom Works own hardware, as well as lugs. We are also doing our own throw offs that will be out soon. All other hardware unless otherwise noted to be customer will be on a special build basis.


To order call anytime at 310-295-0124 and someone will get back to you ASAP.